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Audiobooks in Bulgarian – General Information

Audio book (a talk about the book) is a record of reading the text. Read all the text notes of As “uncompressed”, WHILE Showing a Reduced version or decreasing the text are indicated as “redundant”.

In Public Schools and Libraries and to a lesser extent in the music stores of the 30s of the 20th century. Many nightclubs Côn Spoken Words son CREATED the before Age of video cassettes, DVD, CD and Audio download, but one of often Poetry and songs, and No books Hay. Only in the ’80s began an Attracting Booksellers, a Continuation, retailers began to display Audio Book Libraries, instead of Individual Screens.

Audiobooks in Bulgaria – Etymology

The term “Talking Books” appeared in the 1930s with government programs for viewers and the term “audiobook” enters USO in the 70s, when audio cassettes began to replace records. In 1994, the Association of Audio Editors CREO the term “audiobook” as the Industry Standard. [1]

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Audiobooks in Bulgarian – History

Title vote “phonograph at home reading a novel”. From the Daily Graphic (New York), April 2, 1878 Less than a year after the invention of the phonograph This painting offers a vision of the future. New novels will remain pocotico for phonography for 30 years.
Possible Spoken Word Entries With the Invention of the Phonograph by Thomas Edison in 1877 [1]

“Fondografskite books” were one of the original applications that Edison was describing that “speaks of the Blind Persons and is Endeavor on their part.” [1]

The Original Words Spoken in the Reports, edison phonographs for “Maria had a little UN DELAY” The First Instant of written verse. [1]

In 1878 Demonstration at the Royal Institution of Great Britain INCLUDED “Ey Diddle Diddle, the cat and the violin” and The Line of Tennyson poetry, Thus Established From the Beginning of their Relationship with Written Literature Technology. [1]

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Audiobooks in the U.S

A part of the 1970s
Many of the short sound recordings were sold to the cylinder in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but the circular cylinders were limited to a few minutes four, one each to make books impractical, flat plates increased to 12 minutes, but PROHIBITED The work is done with the longest work. [1]

“An Early Hearer Yes Complaint That It Would Take A Car to Carry the Books Recorded in Discotheques Short Stories Storage Capacity”. [1]

Until the 30s of the 20th century,

In 1931, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) and the Library of Congress Book Project for the Elderly Create ‘to Speak Books’, which is designed to provide reading material for broken Veterans During the First World War and Other Adults People with visual impairment. [1]

The First Records of Evidence in 1932 INCLUDE The Voice of Midstream Helen Keller and “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. [1]

The Organization received the approval of the Congress for the Exemption of Rights. of Author and Free Distribution of Conversation Books [1]

The First Realized Recordings Talking Books Program in 1934 INCLUDE contradictory of the Bible; Declaration of Independence and Other Patriotic Documents; Shakespeare plays and sonnets, and fiction Gladys Hestia Carroll, FM Delafiyld, bark Jarrett Rudard Kipling, John Mazefiyld and PG Woodhouse [1]

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Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFBD, later called Allied Learning) WAS founded in 1948 by Anne T. MacDonald, Member of the United Nations Women’s Auxiliary Services at the New York Public Library, in response to the influx of Consultations of soldiers who lost sight fight during World War II. The New Bill on Property Rights m guarantee university intellectual education for all veterans, but the lyrics in their son’s majority inaccessible to the recently blind veterans who do not read Braille and have no access to living readers. McDonald Mobilize Women’s Assistant Under the slogan “Education is the right of the UN, without the privilege of the UN.” Members of the auxiliary transform ceilings of the New York Public Library into the studio, recording textbooks, using the 6-inch Ultimate nightclubs of the vinyl phonograph record that played ONLY 12 Minutes of Each Side’s materials. In 1952, McDonald CREATED the recording studios in Seven ADDITIONAL Cities in the United States.

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Caedmon Records is a pioneer in business audio books, is the first company dedicated to the dissemination of work records that are spoken to the public and is called “seed” of the audio book. [3]

Kaydmon was founded in New York in 1952 by college graduates Barbara Holdridge and Marian Rooney. [3]

His first release is a collection of poems by Dylan Thomas, read by the author. [3]

B-side of the LP contained Christmas in Wales, which was added as a consequence – the story was vague and simple Thomas could not remember the title, when asked what to use to fill the Bs – but this record in Become one of his most beloved works and Caedmon launched a successful company. [3]

The original 1952 was a selection for the national entry registry in the USA. for the year 2008, saying it was “accredited with the launch of the audio book industry in the United States.” [4]

Caedmon uses long-playing records, invented in 1948, which is affordable and practical for longer recordings, but most of his works are poems, plays and other short works, not continuous books, due to the Restriction in the LP for approximately 45 minutes (combined countries).

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Audiobooks in Bulgarian – Listening Library

is also a pioneer company, which is one of the first to distribute children’s audio books in schools, libraries and other specialized markets, including BA hospitals. [6]

It was established by Anthony Ditlou and his wife in 1955 at Red Bank New Jersey; Dedlow was partially blind. Another early pioneer company was founded in 1956 by Arthur Lucca Klein and his wife, who produced more than 700 records and were best known for poetry and dramatic recordings used in schools and libraries. [7]

Like Caedemon, the library and the art of listening to speech benefited from the new LP technology, but also increased government funding for schools and libraries, beginning in the 1950s and 1960s. [6]

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Audiobooks in Bulgarian – From 1970 to 1996

Although spoken recordings are the popular vinyl recording format for schools and libraries in the 1970s, the beginning of the modern audio book market can be traced back to the widespread adoption of cassette tapes in the 1970s. [8]] Cartridge bands were invented in 1963 and several libraries of the Library of Congress began distributing books in the 1969 tape [8]

However, in the 70s of the last century a number of technological innovations allowed cartridge to be used more widely libraries and also created a new commercial market for audiobooks. [8]

These innovations include the introduction of small portable players such as Walkman and the widespread use of cassette decks in cars, the specially imported Japanese models that have flooded the market during the multiple energy crisis in the decade. [8]

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In the early 70’s academic records were the first commercial products sold on cassette. [8]

There are eight companies that distribute tape materials with titles such as the management and sale of companies (12 cartridges, 300) and serial executive seminar of 60-minute sound tapes. [8]

In most tapes library books still do for the blind and people with disabilities, but some new companies see the opportunity to make audio books for a wider audience, such as Voice over Books, which produces redundant best sellers with professional actors. [8]

Early pioneers included Olympic gold medalist Duvall Hecht, who in 1975 books on the California tape as the direct mail service for the rental of audio books without modifying and expanding their services, selling their products to the libraries and audio books, tourists. [8]

In 1978, Henry Trentman street vendor who listened to tapes for sale over long distances, had the idea of ​​creating unrelated recordings of a quality of classical literature, read by professional actors. [9]

His company, based in Maryland registered books, follows the model of books on the tape, but with high-quality recordings and studio actors. [9]

The recorded chords books and audio books are the first to develop integrated production equipment and work with professional actors. [10]

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1986 is identified as a turning point in the maturity industry of experimental experience. [8]

You can find a series of events here. Association “Association of Audio Publications” Professional Non-Profit Commercial Association FUE Created by publishers Who agreed to PROMOVER audiodogovorite and provide Statistics for the industry [8]

Time-Life began offering audiobooks for Members. [8]

The Book Club of the month started an audiobook offering a SUS Members, as well as the literary guild. Other clubs such as Club History, Get Rich Club, Nostalgia Book Club, Scholastic Club for children started offering audiobooks. [8]

Publishers launch titles and inspirational titles in Christian bookstores. Until May 1987, the editors weekly, An ordinary column began to cover the industry [8]

. At the end of 1987, the Audioklini Market is estimated at 200 Million Dollars, and audio books on cassettes are sold in 75% of the Regional and Independent bookstores consulted by Publishers Weekly [8]

. In 1988, it was published in the Audiobooks, about four times more than in 1984. [8]

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In the mid-1990s, he has been involved in audio publications and $ 1.5 million in a minority company. [11]

In 1996, the Audiovisual Publishers Association CREO Awards Audi Audiobooks To, Which is Equivalent to the Oscar for the Audio Publishing Industry. Nominations are announced every year until February. The winners are ANNOUNCED on a gala evening in May, usually in relation to BookExpo America [12].

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Audiobooks in Bulgarian – 1996 to the present

With the advent of the Internet, Broadband Technologies, The New Formats of Compressed Audio and Portable Media Players Popularity of Audiobooks INCREASED Significantly in the Late 90s and the Years 2000. In 1997 FUE Digital Media Player primer The First of the World for the Mass Market Called “the audible player” [13]

, which sells for $ 200, has two hours of audio and was distinguished as a “small and more -” walk from the Walkman, “the Recorder Popular Used at ESE Moment. [14]

The digital audiobooks were important new steps in allowing listeners to get rid of physical media, stories like CD-ROM tapes and, which requires post by post, which in place allows download The Unlimited Size Online Libraries and the Facility of Transportation and of relatively small and light devices was the first to create a web site in 1998 audiobook to buy with digital.

Audiobooks in Bulgarian from - 47
Audiobooks in Bulgarian from – 46

Another innovation was the creation of LibriVox Montreal in 2005 by the writer Hugh McGuire, who raised the question f on his blog: “Can you use red? Many volunteers to help live to become a public book through podcasting” Of this form, audiobooks began to create audiobooks for Public Opinion. At the end of 2017, LibriVox shines in 12,000 jobs and produces around 1,000 per year. [fifteen]

The Transition of vinyl, cassette, CD, MP3-CD Digital download of documented by the Annual Survey of the Association of Audio Editors (The Transition before a Recording is described in Section 1970). The Last Year In which the cartridges represent more than 50% of the Total Sales in the Market is from 2002 [16]

The tapes were replaced by COMPACT discotheques as the dominant medium in 2003-2004 CD-th reached the top 78 % of sales in 2008 [17]

, and declining to favor digital downloads. The 2012 Survey (APA without data capture Download Digital paragraph 2012, but in 2011 the son CDs of 53% and the digital download is 41%). [19] [19]

The APA calculates that sales of audiobooks in digital format increased by 34% in 2015 compared to 2014 [20].

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Audiobooks in Bulgarian from – 50

Restoration of audio narrative is attributed to Advances in Mobile Technologies such as Smart Phones, Tablets and Multimedia Entertainment systems in Cars, also known as Connected Car Platforms. [21] [22]

Audio drama recordings also appear on the Internet. [2. 3]

In 2014 Bob and Deyan Deyan Deyan Audio discovered Institute of Vocal Art and Facts Technology, the first University of the world and a School to Teach art and technology for the production of audio books. [24]

In 2018, approximately 50,000 audiobooks were recorded in the United States with an annual sales growth of 20%. [25]

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Audiobooks in Germany

The evolution and use of audio books in Germany are very similar to those in the United States. A special example is the West German library of audio books for the blind, founded in 1955. Actors of the Municipal Theater in Münster recorded the first audio books to be visually captured in an improvised study, wrapped in egg cartons. When the trams shuddered, these first productions took place at night. Later, the lyrics are recorded by trained speakers in professional studios and distributed by mail. By 1970, the recordings were on drums and then on tapes. Since 2004, they offer additional opportunities for users with visual impairments to listen and write in physical terms [26].

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Audiobooks in Bulgarian from – 58

Audiobooks in India

The audiobooks in India began to appear a little later than the rest of the world. Only in 2010 Audiobooks gained popularity in the Indian market. This is mainly due to the lack of previous efforts on the part of editors and authors. Marketing efforts and the availability of audiobooks have made India one of the fastest growing audiobook markets in the world. [Reference required]

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Audiobooks in Bulgarian from – 62

The city of India and one of the highest daily travel times in the world also helped to promote audiobooks in the region. Business books and self-help books are very common and more popular than fiction / fantasy. This is because audiobooks are perceived as a means of self-improvement and education, not entertainment.

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Audiobooks in Bulgarian from – 66

The audiobooks are published in different Indian languages. In Malayalam, the first audio novel, entitled “Ouija Board”, was released by Kathacafe in 2018. [27]

Now Indian companies are working to generate audiobooks in native languages ​​of India. Listen to stories from Sahitya Chintan is a library of audio books for Android, which allows the inclusion of the 1000 audio books in Hindi. They offer free audio books. To access the entire catalog, they charge the nominal membership of Rs. 199 / year audiobook listener in India and $ 5.99 / year for the rest of the world.

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